Did you ever wonder how your reservoir’s EC/TDS, PH, and temperature fluctuates during the day, week or month? Maybe you are longing for the peace of mind of knowing your product is being given every drop of nutrients it needs, at the very best PH and Temperature optimal for its development and growth, ensuring the highest yields genetically possible. Maybe you are the kind of person that craves automation. The “set and forget” type, or maybe you are a control freak, someone who constantly needs sensor input and the assurance that only an active monitoring solution can provide. The ETHERDOSE DUO can deliver on all these needs and many more.

At the heart of every ETHERDOSE DUO is a dedicated dual channel EC, PH and temperature sensor, providing real time multimodal view of your reservoir for accurate sensing and precise automation.

When EC or PH levels fluctuates, depending on user settings, the ETHERDOSE DUO will intelligently inject the proper dosage of chemicals needed for a positive adjustment to EC or a negative/positive adjustment to PH. Whenever fluctuations occur, the unit logs the data to its built in flash microSD card. The types of actuators you can connect vary from precise peristaltic pumps to high flow rate solenoid valves. Choose the proper actuator for your application and scale.  Then simply change your settings to include your actuator’s flow rate, so that the DUO can dose accurately when needed.

Easy to set up web interface means you can check, update, and configure your DUO on the go, using a mobile phone, tablet, MAC or PC.

For larger applications, join your ETHERDOSE DUO controllers into a network for seamless integration. Included client software allows networks of controllers to be easily managed.

→ Standard Kit $975 MSRP